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 Our education system is rapidly changing in the recent past to keep pace with the current requirements. It looks at empowering the student to face the realities of life and excel in the spheres he chose to take up and serve the community. Its no more a single teachers domain and neither one way traffic of teaching. Today teaching is as complex as a corporate establishment. Competition is so severe and every student has to face it. The dependence on technological developments and tools, are more pronounced now than ever. Innovations are aplenty in this field. Focused guidance is possible. Every year results get a high level with higher pass percentage which is steadily increasing. Students and parents alike are under tremendous pressure to enter to the coveted ring of A1. In this mad rush values and ethics often get pushed aside or eroded. We constantly strive to reduce the pressure while placing them in a higher orbit. In many cases, there is a perceptible drift from the tradition and culture that leave the students aspire for more materialistic world. This scenario is dangerous for a country like ours which boast of values and cultural compassion. We need to strike a balance between these two divergent realms. At Chinmaya Vidyalaya Tattamangalam too, as in all other Chinmaya Schools, we lay stress on value based education deep rooted in our culture. We realize as Vedanta says ‘learning is revelation’ and the role of the teacher is to ‘inspire the learner to choose to learn and turn within to know’. At this school our teachers strive to be good facilitators and mentor the students to achieve their goals by harnessing his or her full potential. This school at the same time also tries to catch up with every recent developments in science, and humanities and prepare the students to optimize their output by keeping abreast of these developments. Needless to mention both print and electronic media coupled with the all powerful information technology influences them the more. We try to use these tools to get to the heart of our students. Nurturing them is always a passion for the Vidyalaya faculty. Addressing student issues and their development matters require the involvement of the parents too. We connect with the parents through different means constantly and they are given full information on their wards, about the school and its developments. Our website is one such source where everyone can pool in information at the click of the mouse to take informed decisions. We are blessed to have the guiding force from our Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanada and patronage of most respected Guruji Swami Swaroopananda and our Acharya Swami Asheshananda instilling the spiritual strength to march forward in the path of righteousness and commitment. We also are been supported by elite academicians and management experts in shaping the school programmes and its activities. All our actions are mandated to have core competence and community impact. Students in our school enjoy a more liberal atmosphere to express and develop leadership qualities through several tailor-made programmes and events aiming at the overall personality development of the student. We tie up with several organizations and individual who have carved an indelible name in the field of education and human resource development to provide the best possible enabling environment to the students who are the promise of our future. We cherish to work to educate, empower and establish. Join our hands and be with us for a bright future. In the service of the Lord 
Updated on: 04 Sep 2019

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