Nursery Curriculum


The nursery curriculum focuses on the Readiness skills and Conversational Skills. The curriculum aims at the integrated development of the child at the physical, mental and intellectual level.The first five years is the time when the child’s intellectual and imaginative skills develop the fastest. Getting acquainted with letters and numbers is the first step towards knowledge. A child almost picks up most of the skills (language skills motor skills) essential for developing pre-writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, colour discrimination, gross motor skills, artistic ability, etc. All our activities viz: stories, role play, rhymes, aim to stimulate the child’s imagination as he/ she learns and has fun.



The important points in our curriculum are : -



A high quality school assembly is one of the most important aspect of school’s curriculum. Our assembly makes a positive contribution to student self development and raises their achievement and standard. Our assembly has been developed by planning to encourage students to reflect upon values and train them to attain confidence and leadership qualities.





Crawling facilities sensory integration as well as gross motor , fine motor and visual and motor development . Left and right brain co ordination is boosted by crawling


Brain Gym


This is an exercise to develop the child’s co-ordination of the left and right side of the brain. It is also a brain stimulating exercise. This exercise is done for half an hour every day.







The child develops many skills through stories. Skills like proper pronunciation, feelings, expression, acting skills, language skills, concentration, imagination, ability to appreciate, visual experience and conversational skills are developed. Children develop Skills to answer questions, increase their vocabulary and become aware of values, space and time. The stories are prepared in such a manner that these skills are developed in a simple and natural way.








The child develops his/her language , pronunciation, sound, rhythm, memory, expression, ability to sing, physical and mental enjoyment. They acquire knowledge through songs, feelings and also learn to express, experience and to face emotions.



Nature walk


Through “nature walk”, we gives an opportunity to children to observe and study nature, to interact with nature, to become aware of their environment and to love and develop an empathetic approach towards nature







Creativity in Manipulative Skills: - The children develop their muscles of the fingers and hands which are essential for pre-writing skills. They cut, paste, use different medium for making pictures and thus develop their creativity.




Almost 100 games are designed for the children. The project aims at integrating the activities of the brain, memory and concentration, following instructions, developing creative skills, acquiring the necessary vocabulary, social awareness, develops physical strength, to increase speed to follow rules and regulations in a game.

Activity based Learning


The children develop the skills by various activities done in the class. They learn to colour, write letters and numbers in the activity sheets prepared for them. Multiple Intelligence:- the various activities and sessions in the class help the child to become more intelligent. For Eg, Puzzles and questions, and games provide an area for their development. A child develops this by not only sitting in the class but also going outside. Opportunities to combine play with learning are many, children become inventive, imaginative and come up with the ideas in a creative way. It is a step to enable the child to move out of his/ her home into world of letters and learning


Role Play


In UKG classes , the stress is on developing communication in English. Role plays play a major role there. It help children integrate their social problem- solving skills. Role plays make students confident , overcome stage fear and enhance their creativity.