Celebrating the Rich Cultural Heritage of Odisha with Gotipua Dance!

Today, SPICMACAY had the privilege of hosting a mesmerizing performance of Gotipua, a traditional dance form from Odisha. This unique art form features young boys dressed as female characters, beautifully enacting themes from Hindu mythology, particularly stories of Lord Krishna.

The dance, known for its elegance, spirituality, and intricate mudras, left everyone in awe of its rich cultural heritage. Our heartfelt gratitude to the choreographer, Guru Bijay Kumar Sahu, for bringing this extraordinary performance to life and showcasing the artistic traditions of Odisha.

A huge round of applause to all the performers and everyone involved in making this event a success!

Our special gratitude to our management and our principal mam,Ms.Deepa Menon for organising such wonderful experiences for our student and teacher community.